A short documentary about an adaptive surfer’s journey to restart.

Rebirth focuses on Benoit, a surfer from the Basque country, fighting for his love of riding waves after a freak accident resulted in him losing an arm. Through deep perseverance and an upbeat spirit, the challenge to adapt develops Benoit both physically and mentally. The journey pushes him to relearn and find freedom from surfing once again, no matter what.

Winner of the Impactful Story and Audience Awards at the Portuguese Surf Film Festival 2020.
Received an honorary mention for Positive Message at the Swiss Surf Film Festival 2020.

Selected for the following:
Ocean Film Festival 2021 global tour
Surf At Lisbon Film Festival 2021
International Surf Film Festival Anglet 2021
Sörf Film Fest 2021
Aotearoa Surf Film Festival 2021
Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2021
Sagres Film Festival 2021
London Surf Film Festival 2021